The CVP Credentialing Program helps professionals build a valuable skillset and increases professional credibility in the Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) Community. The CVP is a vendor-neutral credentialing program that signifies that an individual has the requisite foundational understanding necessary to perform tasks involving the connected vehicle and intelligent transportation best practices, in-vehicle safety, infrastructure, communication protocols , security, and more.

This series of modules instruct for a level of understanding around Vehicle-to-Vehicle, Vehicle-to Infrastructure, and Vehicle-to-X connectivity inclusive to the rapidly advancing field of Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) and connected vehicles. These courses are designed for experienced IT professionals, software engineers, automotive engineers, information and vehicle technicians, insurance and telecommunications professionals, transportation staff, and service professionals looking to enhance their professional careers in this growing sector.

1 Week Program

44 Training Hours:

Lecture and Discussion

42 Hours

Lab Activity and Student Evaluation

2 Hours

Course Objectives:

• Identify and differentiate elements and functions that pertain to connected vehicles.

• Discuss deployment, integration, and support of applicable communication protocols

• Discuss trends, advancements, and impacts for safer, cleaner and more efficient transportation

• Identify how advanced safety, information and entertainment can be used in vehicle communications

• Provide an understanding of connected vehicles and their impact

• An understanding of the key stakeholders

• An understanding of communication considerations and protocols

• An understanding of data, security, and regulatory issues

• And an awareness of the current standards for connected vehicles

Course Overview:

• Introduction to Connected Vehicles & Connected Vehicle Professionals

• Functions & Mobility

• Software Architecture

• Major Consortia

• Vehicle to Everything (V2X) Overview