This course covers the requirements for the installation of electric vehicle charging stations. The series provides an introduction to infrastructure and concepts necessary for electric mobility. The course will cover the content on electrical vehicle charging points, discussing how the electrical supply can be delivered from both private and public supplies.

10-day Course

65 Training Hours:

Lecture and Discussion

46 Hours

Lab Activity and Student Evaluation

19 Hours

Course Objectives:

• Identify different elements of Electric Vehicles and their impact on communities

• Identify and differentiate elements and functions that pertain to electric vehicle charging stations

• Recognize elements of communication considerations and protocols

• Analyze data, security, and regulatory issues

• Identify current standards for electric vehicle infrastructure

Course Overview:

• Introduction to Electric Vehicles & Electric Vehicle Technician Credential

• Infrastructure & Installations Network Services

• Equipment & EVSC Installation Levels

• Codes and Requirements

• Codes and Requirements (Continued) / Site Assessments

• Conductor Sizing & Commissioning

• Communications & Troubleshooting

• EVSE Safety

• Field Trip (optional)

• Exam