ETA National Certification

The intent of this fiber optic and copper integration certification course is to ensure technicians have the appropriate knowledge and skills necessary to install, test and document fiber optics to the home from the fiber optic terminal to the router.  This course consists of technical, practical and procedural scenarios along with an understanding of fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) networking, of skillfully performing splices and closures, drops, identification and integration of the fibers with the copper portions of the network.  This entails working with varied pieces of network components and equipment, measurement testing, of meter and fiber fusion splicer use, and of reading blueprints and data sheets.  A hands-on (pass/fail) exercise will be included throughout this course.

Successful completion of the course, to include the hands-on training evaluation is required before attempting the final exam.

2 Week Program

64 Training Hours:

Lecture and Discussion

15 Hours

Lab Activity and Student Evaluation

49 Hours

Course Content Overview:

• Basic Introduction to Light, Fiber Optics, Electronics and Safety

• Terminology, Definitions and Abbreviations Used in FCI-OSP

• Cabling (Fiber and Copper), Characteristics, Construction and Installation

• Connectors

• Splicing Fiber Optic Cable and Splice Closures

• Additional Scope of Work (SOW)

• Installing Hardware and Measurement Testing

• Installation Work Within Customer Premises