The Intelligent Transportation Credential (ITC) Level 1 credential offers traffic signal technicians and transportation professionals a condensed yet flexible approach to begin their journey intoIntelligent  Transportation Systems (ITS). This course will familiarize you with the ecosystem, components, functions, and the ITS Architecture as applied to traffic signal systems.

The purpose of the training is to introduce ITS to a technician who may have limited experience with or background knowledge of Intelligent Transportation Systems. It is entry-level but assumes some knowledge of traffic control technologies.

8-day Course

50 Training Hours:

Lecture and Discussion

48 Hours

Lab Activity and Student Evaluation

2 Hours

Training Objective:

Familiarization with the foundations of Intelligent Transportation Systems.

• Identify ITS acronyms or terms

● Identify reasons for supporting ITS

● Identify the main layers of the ITS Architecture

● Recognize the purpose/ characteristics of ITS Standards

● Identify the distinguishing features of an “Intelligent” system

● Recognize ITS’s impact on field professionals

● Recognize transportation management centers’ purpose and/ or communication process

● Align distinguishing characteristics or functions with each of the use cases presented

Course Content Overview:

Intro to Intelligent Transportation

• ITS Design, Architecture, and Standards

• ITS Communication & Transportation Management Centers

• Connected Vehicle Technologies, Electric Vehicle & Infrastructure

• Use Cases: Active Traffic Control of ITS Technologies & Electric Collection and Payment Systems of ITS Technologies

• Field Trip & Labs

• Review & Certification Exam