This program was designed to produce a technician to work within the telecommunications industry. The technician will be able to install and maintain the hardware and software that provides voice, video, and data services to the general public. The potential employers of these technicians are Verizon, Cox Communications, as well as many other contractors that provide support to those companies.

10 Week Program

200 Training Hours:

Lecture and Discussion

80 Hours

Lab Activity and Student Evaluation

120 Hours

Designed for the student with no knowledge of telecommunications systems, this course prepares the student to install, terminate and test residential and commercial structured cable in private homes, apartments, and commercial settings. The students will be able to install and interface on the outside of a structure and bring the wiring inside to a jack. Students learn all the aspects of local distribution from the FX boxes to telephone pole assignments. Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to extend drop wire and connections to the house. Students will be able to perform all inside wiring tasks and troubleshoot accordingly. This will allow the customer to access voice, data, and video communications in their homes. The student may also be trained to install and test PBX and Key systems in a commercial setting. The student will be able to install cable raceways and patch panels and install the cabling for voice, data, and video to industry standards.

Course content includes:

• Telephony

• Standards of the Industry

• Planning and Print Reading

• Structured Cabling

• Telecommunications Systems

• Testing of Telecommunications Systems